About Us

It all started on a bumpy bus ride in the Alps.

Ben and ClaireWe were excited about our group ski trip and upcoming fancy dress skiing day when Ben turned to me and said ‘wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a ski suit that was fancy dress rather than wearing the rubbish outfits we have bought to wear over our ski wear.’  And that’s the moment Fanski Dress™ was born.

xmas jumpers picAfter many hours of trawling ski shops, websites and trade shows we realised that no-one was offering anything similar.  We would be the first fancy dress skiwear company! Given the increasing popularity of onesies, Christmas jumpers and fancy dress themes it seemed amazing that no-one had created this for the slopes.  Our passion for fancy dress and skiing meant the vision was simple – bring all the fun of fancy dress to the slopes to enable people to have even MORE fun when skiing.

Fancy dress skiingWe quizzed our friends and family on ideas for fancy dress ski outfits and what could be better than current fancy dress ski options. They told us was that they hire or buy fancy dress suits and wear them over skiwear, but these are chunky, ill fitted and sometimes impact ski performance (as I found in a hot dog suit to my peril a few years ago!)

Fanski dress Tiger skiingThe alternative is a onesie, but they are chunky and ill-fitting when worn over skiwear, offering no waterproof protection on the slopes.  We became fanatical about making sure our ski suits had all the functionality of standard ski wear – waterproof, breathable, taped seams, insulated where you need it….you name it, we made sure our ski suits had it! At the same time we wanted to make sure people didn’t lose any of the fun of fancy dress – we designed the ski suits to be bright and fun, allowing people to stand out and express themselves – no compromises on fun or function!

Fancy dress ski wearSo 2 years after that bumpy bus ride in the alps we are here – and whether you fancy the full Fanski dress™ ski suit or just a bold helmet cover….we hope you love our products as much as we do. If you do like what you see then please spread the word – together we can make sure people have even MORE fun on the slopes!